Structural Design in Building Construction

As structural engineers for building projects we are passionate about supporting the architects handling the design work. We enjoy exploring the limits of the rational and economically feasible and, where appropriate, use new materials and construction method, for which our engineers and designers can rely on complex computing and construction software.

Our aim is to provide all-embracing support from the initial brainstorming to implementation design and construction supervision.

One of WTM Engineers’ particular fields of expertise in building construction is the structural planning of:

  • Office and administrative buildings
  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • High-rises
  • Institutes, research and educational facilities
  • Sports and leisure centers; stadiums and swimming pools
  • Cultural buildings: opera houses and theaters, churches, museums
  • Towers, silos and containers
  • Light load-bearing structures, glass roofs and facades

When assembling the appropriate teams we take the relevant expertise and experience of our employees into account, bearing in mind the project’s specific requirements. Where necessary, we involve our own specialists and expert consultants in the realization of the project.

Structural Design and Structural Analyses

We develop purpose-built load-bearing structures that combine efficient buildings with optimized materials, on time and in budget.

New Buildings

Development of technically and economically optimal load-bearing structures for buildings

Construction in existing contexts

Intelligent solutions for existing load-bearing structures that impair the existing structure as little as possible and take historical materials and construction methods into consideration

Structural Analyses

Non-linear material behavior, stability analyses, vibration and earthquake studies, optimization algorithms


  • Structural consulting (on stability, serviceability fitness for purpose, and cost efficiency)
  • Development of technically and economically optimal structural solution
  • Preparation of shop drawings for formwork and reinforcement
  • Preparation of shop drawings for structural steel and timber constructions
  • Supervision of construction work
  • Supervision of welding work
  • Supervision and testing of corrosion protective coatings
  • Evaluation and analysis of existing load-bearing structures of high-rise and industrial buildings
  • Structure analyses and optimization of building sections, by use of 2-D or 3-D FE-Programs
  • Linear and non-linear material and geometry analysis
  • Vibration analysis of load-bearing structures
  • Seismic calculation and design of structures
  • Proof of fatigue in structures
  • Verification in accordance with German and various international design codes

Technical Inspection

In Germany, as part of hazard prevention measures, structural calculations, the workshop drawings, and construction work are independently double-checked by authorized check engineers.

Technical inspections play an important role in the safety of structures in Germany.

We independently check structural calculations, check specification documents and final design, and supervise the construction.


  • Assessment of structural calculations (solid constructions, steel constructions, timber constructions) for new buildings, as well as implementation in the case of existing buildings
  • Assessment of structural calculations for navigable waterways (listed as a qualified test engineer by the Federal Waterways Authority)
  • Assessment of structural calculations of structures in the event of fire
  • Assessment of workshop drawings
  • Assessment of element plans and workshop drawings for steel and timber structures
  • Assessment of adherence to thermal insulation and energy-saving requirements
  • Inspections of the construction status quo in the construction, alteration, and dismantling of plants
  • Assessment of structural relations for railroad construction (Federal Railway Authority (EBA) approval for solid, steel, composite, and tunnel construction)

Services Performed by Specialists/Experts

Above and beyond the classic disciplines involved in the planning of buildings, we offer further consulting and planning services for special assignments:

  • Waterproof structures: planning of watertight concrete structures
  • Repair work: planning the protection and repair of concrete structures
  • Fire prevention: development of fire prevention concepts down to complete protection target-oriented fire prevention planning
  • Energy-saving construction projects: development of energy concepts, energy-efficient and zero energybuilding planning, German Energy Saving Decree (EnEV) verification and verification of summer heat protection
  • Sustainable building: consulting, planning, auditing (German Sustainable Building Council - DGNB) and monitoring of construction projects with regard to sustainable building
  • Construction and site supervision: supervision and coordination of the individual disciplines on the site including quantity surveying

More about the expert knowledge of the specialist engineers at WTM