Services Provided by Specialists/Experts

The exchange of knowledge and discussions with our in-house specialists is an enormous help for us when it comes to identifying the best among the good solutions on behalf of the client. Our project teams can draw on this expertise for any projects. We will also be glad to provide this knowledge as a service in its own right.

Steel Construction

  • International Welding Engineers
  • Welding supervisiors for reinforcing steel
  • Visual inspectors VT2 for welding seams
  • Surface treatment and insulation inspectors (DIN CERTCO / FROSIO)

Concrete Construction

  • Concrete engineers
  • Expert planners for the protection and repair of concrete structures

Fire Prevention

  • Certified fire prevention experts (EIPOS)
  • Specialist fire prevention planners

Building Physics / Sustainability

  • German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) auditor

Safety at Work / Environmental Protection

  • Health and safety coordinators
  • Safety at work specialists
  • Experts in accordance with Regulation 128 of the German Employers’ Liability Insurance Association (BGR)
  • Appraisers in accordance with the Decree governing Plants handling Water-endangering Materials in the German Water Resources Act (WHG / AwSV)

Structural Damage

  • Experts for damaged buildings
  • Experts for damaged structures
  • Structural inspectors in accordance with DIN 1076
  • Certified expert for “Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Structures”
  • Experts for holistic, quality-assuring construction supervision