Civil Engineering

WTM Engineers can look back on a long-standing tradition in civil engineering and bridge design. Over the past decades we have planned a multitude of difficult civil engineering projects and supported the construction process through to commissioning.

The planning of sophisticated, complex civil engineering projects benefits from our engineers’ extensive experience and outstanding creativity. Thanks to our professional network and our active membership in various councils and standardization committees we are familiar with the latest R&D and standardization trends from an early date.

We optimize the planning of civil engineering structures in particular with regard to functionality, commercial feasibility, structural safety, durability and sustainability, without losing sight of the appropriate design standards.


A broad range of different bridge-building tasks arise from a single goal, namely to forge a transportation link in the form of an overpass. What many consider the most prestigious field of engineering involves creating cost-effective and feasible designs taking functional, structural and aesthetical aspects into consideration.

Our engineers have expertise in:

  • Highway bridges
  • Fixed and movable road bridges
  • Fixed and movable pedestrian bridges
  • Highline bridges
  • Railroad viaducts
  • Canal bridges


Our expertise embraces tunnels in loose rock with and without ground water, built as cut and cover solution, as bored or immersed tunnels, and all the associated shafts and ramps. Structures such as these, with the diverse geo-technical and structural issues involved, always represent a particular challenge.

Our references include:

  • Road and highway tunnels
  • Subway and LRT tunnels
  • Pedestrian tunnels
  • Passageways
  • Cable and logistics tunnels (culverts)
  • Underground structures

Other Civil Engineering Structures

Alongside bridges and tunnels we plan all types of civil engineering projects, handling both the project design and the structural design.

We enjoy rising to the following challenges:

  • Specialist foundation engineering
  • Noise protection walls
  • Supporting walls
  • Excavation pits
  • Sewers
  • Radar towers, leading lights, airport towers, TV towers


Our project teams in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich are pleased to handle your construction projects. We are reliable partners when it comes to dealing with all the planning tasks associated with civil engineering structures:

  • Competitions
  • Studies, expert opinions
  • Recalculations, upgrading, modernization
  • Audits and inspections of existing buildings
  • Project design and structural design, for new structures and refurbishments
  • Support and coordination of complex approval procedures
  • Technical inspections, structural monitoring
  • Site management, construction monitoring