Decades of experience set standards. Founded in 1936, today the name WTM stands for trailblazing engineering services in the construction industry. Several thousand projects in and outside of Germany bear witness to this wide-ranging experience.

Thanks to their sound specialist knowledge our employees form the basis of our corporate success. A multi-disciplinary team of engineers and designers with a balanced age structure and a state-of-the-art working environment provide ideal conditions for flexible working and top-class achievements.

As a family-friendly employer we attach great importance to building long-term working relationships with our employees and offer a pleasant working atmosphere.

Executive Board

The company’s managing directors are personally committed to ensuring economic and technological success.

WTM Engineers is represented in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, as well as internationally, by its executives:

Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Jäppelt (Hamburg, Munich, International)
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Ehmann (Hamburg, Berlin, International)
Dr.-Ing. Alexander Steffens (Hamburg)
Dr.-Ing. Hans Scholz (Hamburg, Berlin)
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schadow (Hamburg)
Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Zehetmaier (Hamburg)
Dr.-Ing. Otto Wurzer (Munich)
Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Heiserer (Munich)

Authorized Representatives:

Dipl.-Ing. Fritz Hilgenstock (International)
Dipl.-Ing. Nino Dolze (Berlin)


Dr. Morgen is to continue offering WTM Engineers his services as a consultant engineer as well as structural check engineer, and Federal Railway Authority (EBA) check engineer, since he handed over the responsibility he had for the company as managing director in 2018.

Our Predecessors

WTM can look back on a long history. Right from the outset the company was run by influential figures, who also represented it in the engineering world.

Dr.-Ing. Günter Timm, 1971 - 2005
Dr.-Ing. Rolf Windels, 1956 - 2001
Dr.-Ing. Karl Peters, 1938 - 1981
Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Siebert, 1936 - 1956