WTM Architectural Engineering Prize 2015

Award bestowed at HafenCity University (HCU)

December 11, 2015 – In cooperation with HafenCity University the WTM Architectural Engineering Prize was awarded for the fifth time on December 11, 2015. Endowed by WTM, the prize is worth € 3,000 and aims to promote talented young engineers by honoring the best Master’s thesis submitted for the “Bauingenieurwesen - Architectural Engineering” degree. This year the prize went to M.Sc. student Kai Schramme for his thesis “The Development of Convertible Folded Plates on the Basis of Parametric Principles” and was awarded to him by Dr. Alexander Steffens at the graduation ceremony for Architectural Engineering students at HafenCity University in Hamburg.

Underpass at Sternschanze station in Hamburg opened

WTM creates optimum link for pedestrians, trade fair visitors, cyclists and train passengers

November 30, 2015 – The 137-meter long underpass at the Sternschanze subway and LRT station in Hamburg makes a considerable improvement to the infrastructure of the districts in the immediate vicinity. The barrier-free facility serves as access to the trade fair grounds and to Sternschanze station, and as a thoroughfare for pedestrians and cyclists. On the project WTM was responsible for architectural and structural design, primarily of auxiliary bridges across inter-city and LRT tracks in the section operated by German Railways (Deutsche Bahn, as well of the tunnel and ramps. Maintaining inter-city and LRT services and use of the station during the construction was a particular challenge. This was only possible by drawing in beneath the tracks a large section of the tunnel that had been pre-fabricated on the side.

Silos in the 2016 Concrete Calendar

WTM-Engineers provide a detailed account of the status quo in this specialist field

November 11, 2015 – The book "Beton-Kalender 2016" is out. In volume 2 “Silos and Containers”, authors Dr. Morgen (WTM), Dr. Ehmann (WTM), and Dr. Ruckenbrod (SMP) examine the design, the load assumptions, the calculation, the structural design, and the construction of these engineering structures in detail. They also provide important information about boosting the efficiency of and repairing silos.

VBI Roadshow on BIM

Dr. Ehmann speaks from experience

November 4, 2015 – Engineers, architects and developer’s representatives met to address the future role of building information modeling (BIM) for planners and their clients. On behalf of the Association of Consulting Engineers (VBI) and the BIM Hub Hamburg, Dr. Ehmann made clear in his lecture entitled “BIM in Practice – A Vision or the Future” that BIM makes interface management in planning considerably easier. WTM has been using this method since 2008, and Dr. Ehmann was able to take about the introduction and use of BIM in his own company. Milestones included the successful planning of the pilot project “Construction of the New Headquarters of the DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) Research Center” in Hamburg, and the new Audi works in Mexico. The positive experience with major projects has shown that BIM is not a vision, but the future.

WTM supporting project in India

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) planning construction of a biogas plant and community center

October 20, 2015 - WTM is helping Engineers Without Borders (EWB) with the financing of a project in the village of Hudisahi in north eastern India. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology branch of EWB takes part in assignments in developing countries worldwide in the fields of water supply, energy sourcing, and infrastructure. Given the increasing scarcity of wood in the region, and the difficult living conditions, a biogas plant for supplying individual households will be built first, followed by a community center with a photovoltaic system. EWB members are currently in the village, where together with the Indian partner organization and the local population they are finalizing planning and coordination measures. The first ground-breaking ceremony is scheduled for late 2015. EWB is still reliant on donations. If you would like to find out more about the charity and the project, please visit: www.ewb-karsruhe.de/projekte/odisha

WTM at the MOPO Team Relay Race

Running for the Stadtpark

August 27, 2015 – A total of four teams from WTM lined up at the start of the fifth MOPO Team Relay Race, which covers a distance of 25 km. Even persistent rain could not dampen the mood and motivation among the runners, and at the end of the race 20 beaming employees were able to celebrate excellent placings and enjoy a successful post-run party. A total of 2,000 teams took part, with ten euros donated to the Stadtpark for every team registered.

Modern and sustainable sound insulation in the office

Creative design for the WTM offices incorporating sound-absorbing pictures

13 August 2015 – The new sound-absorbing pictures not only play a functional role for individual acoustic insulation, but also constitute an aesthetic and contemporary means of displaying the planning and competition results of the last few decades. Thematically tailored to the individual specialist departments, collages made up of colour-adapted project images present the full range of services WTM provides. The design concept is supplemented by individual pictures that interpret a typical material of the relevant specialist department in representative fashion. Anyone wishing to learn more about the subject of acoustics and design can read the article about WTM in Designlines, available at the following link: http://www.designlines.de/projekte/Akustik-im-Bild_15776467.html 

Recognition for ViewPoint in the HafenCity

Third place in the alpitecture award 2015

4 August 2015 – The look-out tower designed by RHW Architekten and structurally engineered by WTM has made its mark in the “alpitecture award 2015”.The ViewPoint is a mobile lookout platform, the location of which varies depending on the progress of construction in the HafenCity.This has enabled visitors to the futuristic-looking ViewPoint to observe the development of the HafenCity for some years now.The prize is awarded by alpitecture, an international platform for the promotion of architecture, whose alpitecture award recognises structures that have served to promote tourism.

WTM Team in HSH Nordbank Run 2015

A race for the Kinder helfen Kindern charity

June 27, 2015 – Amongst the 24,000 participants there were also 11 WTM runners. The HSH Nordbank Run is the largest charity run in North Germany, with runners covering a 4-km circuit in Hamburg’s HafenCity. We would like to thank our team for their hard work, and look forward to the forthcoming sporting events in the second half of the year!

WTM Day in Berlin 2015

Big WTM staff get-together in the capital

June 19, 2015 – The annual WTM Day that brings together employees from all WTM offices kicked off with a reception in the DAZ German Architecture Center. In his lecture, Manfred Kühne from the Senate Department for Urban Development spoke about the general conditions regarding building work and current developments in Berlin. Afterwards everyone set off on a wide variety of special exploration tours. We spent the evening in the Mirror Hall of restaurant and dancehall “Larches Ballads”. The 19th century venue, which has been preserved in its original state, has its very own venerable charm and is an absolute highlight of the Berlin art and culture scene. And for us, too, our evening there was the high point of a wonderful day.

Opening of new Whitney Museum of American Art

Flood protection was finalized in time

April 29, 2015 - On May first the new Whitney Museum of American Art openens for public.

Renzo Piano designed the new museum with wide open light gallery spaces and with marvelous views over the Hudson and Manhattan connecting the outside to the inside. The design presents an enormous change in expression regarding the old Whitney Museum designed by Marcel Breuer in 1966 as closed, protective concrete structure at the Upper East Side. The new Museum is located in the Meatpacking District in Manhattan, NYC at the end of the Highline and next to the Hudson River in a low laying area.

The storm surge caused by the Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 detected a severe vulnerability of the building for storm surges, especially as the flood exceeded the applicable design water level.

WTM Engineers were asking to develop a flood mitigation concept which should be integrated into and hidden behind the existing design, as the design was already done and the building was structurally completed. Based on a new design water level, determined in cooperation with the Franzius Institute for Hydraulic, Estuarine and Coastal Engineering in Hannover, WTM Engineers were able to develop a flood protection concept including the strengthening of the existing structure, arranging of flood gates and mobile barrier systems at all openings exposed to flood and developing a concept for operation.

WTM Engineers accompanied the implementation of the concept on-site. The museum was finalized in time.

WTM Engineers enabled the new Whitney Museum of American Art to protect their invaluable artwork in future to much worse storm surges than the one of the devastating Sandy Hurricane.

Dr. Karl Morgen receives the Emil Mörsch Medal of Honor

Honor at the 2015 German Construction Technology Congress

April 24, 2015 – On April 23, 2015 at the official opening ceremony of the 2015 German Construction ‘Technology Congress in Düsseldorf, Klaus Pöllath, the Chairman of the German Concrete and Construction Technology Society awarded the Emil Mörsch Medal of Honor to our Managing Director Dr. Karl Morgen in recognition of his special achievements in the field of concrete construction.

The Emil Mörsch Medal of Honor is the German Concrete and Construction Technology Society’s highest award and is bestowed every two years.

Together with our senior partner we are delighted with this honor and offer our hearty congratulations.


New noise protection hangar for the airport in Geneva

Another airport project in Switzerland under construction

March 31, 2015 – With WTM Engineers and its partner having designed a noise protection hangar at Zurich Airport, (commissioned in April 2014), another hangar destined for engine run-ups is under construction at Geneva Airport, which will offer noise protection to inhabitants and commercial premises in the area. WTM Engineers was commissioned with the design planning, structural engineering, acoustics, and studies of the flow mechanics. Furthermore, WTM, together with Thomas Jundt ingénieurs civils, is in charge of the on-site building supervision.

The hangar is being constructed as a wide-span, flat, steel framework structure. On account of the acoustic lining on the inside, the actual steel structure is outside the sound-proofed hangar. The, for technical reasons, unique shape of the building, the exterior framework, the vertically structured lamellas and the movable steel deflection make for a functional, special structure.

Work on the building began in March 2015. Assembly of the exterior steel structure commenced with the positioning of the main frame and an outside wall.

Commissioning of the entire structure is envisaged for November of this year.

New facility for Klinikum Wahrendorff

Psychiatric and psychosomatic clinic with 233 beds

March 9, 2015 – At its Köthenwald site, Klinikum Wahrendorff is planning a new 233-bed psychiatric clinic. The step will enable the specialist departments, which have previously been located separately in Ilten and Köthenwald, to be brought together under the single roof of one main clinic.

In future the new complex will comprise nine in-patient psychiatric wards for the Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Clinic and the Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy Clinic. Integrating the two specialist fields enables functional and organizational processes to be put on a more economic footing.

The building, a reinforced concrete frame structure, boasts a sustainable, ecological concept for its energy supply. Its main features are a high proportion of regenerative, self-generated heating, cooling, and electricity in the new building, and the use of renewable energies.

WTM Engineers was successful in a pan-European tendering procedure and was commissioned with contracts covering the structural design and planning the fire prevention measures, and the building acoustics.

Picture / Copyright: tönies schroeter jansen freie architekten gmbh

Setting a milestone

Topping-out ceremony at the European XFEL international research facility

February 18, 2015 - WTM Engineers offers its congratulations to European XFEL GmbH on the occasion of the topping-out ceremony for the main building at the Schenefeld site in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. The ceremony marked a milestone in the construction of the X-Ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL), one of the largest international research facilities in Europe.

In connection with the 3.3-kilometer long XFEL, which WTM Engineers likewise planned, the research building with the company headquarters and the underground facility for experiments beneath it were constructed over the course of six years. Alongside offices, the new building has laboratories, a cleanroom laboratory and seminar rooms. The underground experiment hall with five experiment areas is located 20 meters beneath the main building.

The services provided by the engineering syndicate WTM Engineers (which acted as lead) and Amberg Engineering AG from Regensdorf in Switzerland included the feasibility study, compilation of the planning permission documentation, site planning and structural design, as well as construction management and site monitoring.

Over 350 guests attended the official ceremony, including representatives of the Federal Government, the States of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, the consular representatives of various countries, local politicians and officials, and representatives of the European XFEL Council, not to mention employees of European XFEL and DESY, and honored the efforts of the companies working on the construction project.

40 million euros for environmental monitoring

Fehmarnbelt consortium awarded contract

Feb. 2, 2015 – The Fehmarnbelt consortium FEMO (Fehmarnbelt Environmental Monitoring and Consultancy) has been awarded a framework contract for environmental monitoring during construction of the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel worth 40 million euros.

WTM Engineers is a member of the consortium and alongside monitoring the construction companies will concentrate on the drafting, planning, tendering and monitoring of the structural part of additional minimization and compensatory measures, including coastal work.

FEMO will monitor possible environmental impacts in the water, on land and in the air caused by the construction work. The aim behind this is compliance with environmental limits.

New bridges in Copenhagen officially opened

Link between downtown and the opera house

Jan. 28, 2015 – Nearly two weeks ago, the pedestrian and cycle bridges over the Christanshavn, Trangraven, and Proviantmagasin canals in downtown Copenhagen were officially opened by Mayor Frank Jensen. Designed by WTM Engineers and Dietmar Feichtinger Architects, the bascule bridges took two years to construct.

Configured in the shape of a star and each with one platform, the steel bridges over Christianshavn and Trangraven canals are eight meters wide and the free platforms up to 23 meters long; there is a further bascule bridge over Proviantmagasin canal. When both platforms are opened the bridge resembles a butterfly, and locals affectionately refer to it as the “Butterfly Bridge”. The extremely filigree structure enables the set of bridges to blend in discreetly with the historical neighborhood with its listed quay walls and buildings. The bridges form part of a new pedestrian and cycle path in Copenhagen that links downtown with the new opera house.