2014 WTM Architectural Engineering Prize awarded

HafenCity University (HCU) honors its graduate Manuel Boensch

December 5, 2014 – On December 4, 2014 the WTM Architectural Engineering Prize was awarded for the fourth time at the graduation ceremony for students of HafenCity University in Hamburg.

The winner of this year’s prize, which is worth EUR 3,000, is Manuel Boensch. In his Master’s thesis, entitled “Pre-dimensioning Vertical Cable Facades” he addressed the load-bearing behavior of cable net facades and produced pre-measuring nomograms. He took the main restricting conditions into consideration and calculated the underlying formulae with regard to cable forces, system deformations and glass pane warping. Prof. Frank Wellershoff at HCU supervised the Master’s thesis.

Manuel Boensch initially studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Structural Engineering at Münster University of Applied Sciences before doing a Master’s degree in “Structural Engineering - Architectural Engineering” at HCU. In March 2013 he received the “VBI Special Prize: Cooperation between Architecture and Structural Engineering” for his work for the Schinkel competition in Berlin.

Ever year WTM Engineers awards the WTM Architectural Engineering Prize for the best Master’s thesis at HafenCity University and honors the outstanding achievements of the HCU graduates.

We offer our hearty congratulations to this year’s prize winner Manuel Boensch!

The future of construction sites – from seminars to careers

WTM supports the “Junge HTG” workshop in Kiel

Dec. 1, 2014 – This year’s “Junge HTG” workshop in Kiel was actively supported by WTM engineers. One of our staff, Lea-Frederike Koß, played a key role in the organization.

The content of the workshop was rounded by out by a poster provided by Hinnerk Sunderdiek and Manfred Gutsche, entitled “Building the 5th Lock Chamber at Brunsbüttel” and a lecture by Fritz Hilgenstock on the “Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link – tunneling to Scandinavia “. All three are experienced engineers at WTM.

We are pleased that we were able to support the “Junge HTG” in the process of knowledge transfer by networking young engineers with experienced professionals.

For the overall congress program, simply visit www.htg-online.de

Expansion towards the North

WTM opens office in Copenhagen

25.11.2014 - Thanks to the long lasting demand in Scandinavia WTM established WTM Engineers Copenhagen ApS in Copenhagen, represented by the general managers Dr.-Ing. Karl Morgen and Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Jäppelt.

At the moment the engineers from WTM supervise current projects in Denmark, e.g. the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link as well as the movable pedestrian bridges over Christianshavns Canal, Trangraven and Provianmagsingraven. WTM is also represented in many current competitions.

„We are where our clients are”, remarks Dr. Morgen this new step towards the North of Europe.

Awarded research project contract

Research program with the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing

Nov. 20, 2014 - WTM Engineers and BAM, the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing have been commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy to run the research project on “ZfP Structural Design – Incorporating automated non-destructive audits into retrospective load-bearing calculations and a holist assessment of existing bridges”.

As part of this research project, scheduled to run three years, a pragmatic method will be developed to enable the results of non-destructive tests (ZfP) into the probabilistic retrospective calculation of existing bridges – as Stage of the Retrospective calculations Guideline issued by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

image source: www.bam.de

Topping out ceremony at Plauen District Office

Demolition and preliminary building work now completed

On Nov. 7, 2014, Dr. Tassilo Lenk, District Councilor of the Vogtland District, and other invited guests celebrated the topping out of the future downtown Plauen District Office following completion of the demolition and preliminary building works. The listed building dates from 1912, was designed by architect Emil Rösler, and was used as a department store from 1914-2000. The conversion is the largest current construction project in the Vogtland District.

WTM Engineers is handling the structural design in a joint venture (Arge LaVola) with the architects Bolwin Wulf and ZWP Ingenieur-AG, providing the technical building services.

Tunnel insertion

Fußgängerunterführung Messezugang Hamburg-Sternschanze

During construction work on the new pedestrian underpass at the Sternschanze entrance to the Hamburg trade fair complex, on September 11, 2014 an approx. 25-meter long tunnel segment was inserted beneath the fully operational Deutsche Bahn railroad tracks.

The inserted shell weighs around 750 tons in total. The insertion was made using a towing device “from the front”. Given its footprint, which is widened in the shape of a trumpet, it is not possible to insert the northern section of the tunnel in the same way. The tunnel and the other parts are being made using in-situ concrete.

The pedestrian underpass is expected to be completed in the fall of 2015.

On behalf of the Roads, Bridges, and Waterways Agency of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, WTM worked on the planning of the structure util it was put out for tender.

New expert

WTM has a new publicly appointed and sworn-in expert

On May 19, 2014 Dr. Gabriele Funk from our Munich office was publicly appointed and sworn in by the Munich and Upper Bavarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as an expert for the appointment category “Damage to Concrete and Concrete Repair”.

The range of services embraces the writing of expert opinions for courts, authorities, and private clients, as well as consulting, monitoring, inspections, the issuing of certificates, and arbitration.

Her duties include recording structure status, the analysis of damage to structures and the planning of repair measures for solid construction structures such as bridges, tunnels, and multi-storey and underground car parks.

Topping out ceremony for renovation work at “Bühnen Köln”

Structural work completed

June 27, 2014 – At the invitation of the Opera Director-General Dr. Birgit Meyer and the Theater Director General Stefan Bachmann, and in the presence of Mayor of the City of Cologne Jürgen as well as around 800 guests, not to mention those involved in the construction work, the topping out ceremony was held to mark the conclusion of the structural work on Offenbachplatz.

Performances in the completely renovated and extended “Bühnen Köln” building ensemble, which was designed by Wilhelm Riphahn and houses the opera house, theater, the new underground children’s opera house and the new “Kleines Haus” are expected to begin again in November 2015.

As part of the “Prüfung Bühnen Köln” consortium that included the firm Dr.-Ing. W. Naumann & Partner, and Dr.- W. Sievering, WTM has been commissioned with the technical inspection of all the buildings, facades, and excavation pits, and the securing of the existing buildings and the stage equipment structures.

Official opening of the noise protection hangar at Zurich Airport

Long-term improvement to noise situation

June 18, 2014 – With the ground-breaking ceremony having been held on October 4, 2012 the noise protection hangar at Zurich Airport was officially opened in the presence of Ernst Stocker the head of the State Council of the Canton of Zurich, Harry Hohmeister, CEO of Swiss International Air Lines, and Thomas E. Kern, CEO of Flughafen Zürich AG, as well as around 100 invited guests from the worlds of politics and business.

To check that airplanes are fully functional after maintenance work the engines have to be tested at various power levels while the planes are standing still. For the most part this takes place at night, and in the past the noise it causes was a major nuisance for the residents of the neighboring communities. The new noise protection hangar represents a milestone in the long-term improvement of noise levels. In future when the engines are being tested, only 50-60 decibels of the 156 decibels measured inside the hangar will be heard outside. 126 meters long and 82 meters wide, the hangar can accommodate airplanes up to the size of a B747-8 jumbo jet.

As part of an engineering consortium with suisseplan Ingenieure AG in Zurich, WTM was commissioned with the architectural and structural design.

Work to begin on 5th lock chamber in Brunsbüttel

New beacon heralds construction work

May 23, 2014 – The new beacon recently erected on Mole 2 near Brunsbüttel serves not only as a guide for shipping, but also for the expansion of the international Kiel Canal.

Following final approval by the Federal Republic of Germany of the construction costs totaling half a billion euros, work can now commence on the major project that is the 5th lock chamber in Brunsbüttel. Since 2008 WTM has been providing the client, the Brunsbüttel Waterways and Shipping Authority, with planning services relating to structural and design planning, supervision of the planning approval procedure, tendering procedure, and award of the contract. Services relating to construction management and local site supervision are now pending.

The lock is intended to be opened to shipping in the second half of 2020.

2nd place in the “European Concrete Award 2014”

Project by WTM employees successful in the international competition

Nicodemus Jansson and Finnmap Consulting Oy, as well as colleagues at WTM are delighted and offer their congratulations for 2nd Prize in the international European Concrete Award 2014 competition. Nicodemus Jansson was responsible for calculating the dimensions of all the storey ceilings in the “Kaisa Talo” library building for Helsinki University. He and his former team at Finnmap Consulting Oy in Finland won in the Building category, in which 19 international projects participated.


The highest quality

WTM successfully re-certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008

Following extensive tests, WTM Engineers once again received the ISO 9001: 2008 quality seal for all its locations (Hamburg, Berlin, Munich), as well as for WTM International.

Achieving the audit targets underscores WTM Engineers’ own quality standards. The auditor Jürgen Feil mentioned in particular the quality management system in place at WTM, which made an extraordinarily good impression. The DNV GL auditor also praised the employees’ great expertise.

“We’re proud of the path we have taken with regard to quality. For our clients and partners it’s an important part of our joint work – now and in the future,” Dr. Ulrich Jäppelt, Managing Director at WTM Engineers and the QM Team in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich are delighted to say.

More about quality management at WTM

Major K+S Kali GmbH projects go turnkey

Successful implementation of water protection measures

With the official launch of water protection measures in October 2011, the industrial company K+S Kali GmbH introduced a scheme for sustainable waste salt water disposal. Through building measures, expansion of the existing plants, and investments totaling approx. 200 million euros, the potash-producing company has since been able to considerably reduce the amount of waste salt water.

The commissioning of the plants in Hattorf and Wintershall in March 2014 marked the implementation of important measures in this major project. In both locations WTM accompanied the structural and design planning, and supervised the building measures.

Despite different conditions in the various locations, inclement weather, and implementation of the measures during on-going operations, the work was completed on time and in budget.

In the presence of the Minister-President of the State of Hessen, Volker Bouffier, and Thuringia’s Minister for Federal and European Affairs, Jürgen Gnauck, the plants went turnkey on March 26, 2014.

Refurbishment of Congress Center Hamburg (CCH)

Contract for the revitalization of Congress Centrum Hamburg (CCH) awarded to WTM

Following its successful pre-qualification in the first round of the procedure for the contract award for the revitalization of Congress Centrum Hamburg (CCH), at the end of the second round WTM has now landed the contract for the structural planning.

The CCH has 23 flexible-use rooms covering a gross surface area of approx. 96,000 square meters. Opened in 2007, the western section no longer meets current requirements relating to Hamburg positioning itself as an international trade fair city. Built in 1973 and with a preservation order now on it, the old structure, on the other hand, cannot sustain the changed demands in terms of spatial requirements and congress procedures.

The plans involve restructuring and renovating the building, such that it satisfies current needs, in the form of a plenary hall, group rooms that can be partitioned, as well as exhibition and communication spaces that will enable the CCH to grow further.

Subject to conclusive political decisions, the work is due to be conducted in 2017-18.

EcoMaT Technology Center

WTM plans beacon project in Bremen

WTM is taking on the structural planning of the EcoMaT (Center for eco-efficient Materials & Technologies) Research and Technology Center in the Airport-Stadt district in Bremen.

The EcoMaT is being built in close proximity to the industrial partners Airbus and Astrium, as well as Bremen Airport. At some 500 workstations, innovative materials and surface technologies will be researched and advanced.

With commissioning planned for 2016 the EcoMaT is a beacon project that forms the new center of the cross-cluster research work in, among other things, aerospace, the wind and automotive sectors, and the maritime industry.

In October the design concept drawn up by the Berlin firm of architects Huber Staudt won against 14 other applicants. The investment sum is estimated to total some 40 million euros.

Commendation in competition

“Brückenschlag Darmstadt”

The entry submitted to the “Brückenschlag Darmstadt” (Darmstadt Bridge) competition was rewarded with a commendation and prize money. The design by WTM was the result of collaboration with the architecture firm Benthem Crouwel from Amsterdam (Netherlands), the Hamburg transport planners ICB Ingenieur-Consult, and the light planning firm Bartenbach from ldrans in Austria.

The competition related to two road bridges across the railroad tracks between Rheinstrasse and the Heimstättensiedlung development in Darmstadt, which forms part of an overall concept.

“The proposed family of bridges has […] an extraordinarily high recognition factor, which can provide an identity and play a role in a perceptible upgrading of the urban environment around the planned bridges,” was how the jury’s verdict read.

There’s a fresh wind blowing

Following our move from the River Alster to the River Elbe there’s a fresh wind blowing not just round our new offices.

We are delighted to present our new Website to you.
Boasting a fresh design it will have regular updates about WTM and our new projects.

We would love to receive feedback and any suggestions you may have.

We hope you enjoy browsing and discovering things.